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EU Special Representative on Human Rights 13/06/2012

The European Council approved the decision to appoint EU Special Representative on Human Rights.

Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Invitation to Participate 31/08/2009

The European Commission is now inviting all interested parties to submit expressions of interest to participate in the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum or contribute to its successful work.

Two more State Bodies adopt Codes to Support Public Participation in Policy Making in Armenia 21/02/2009

The Armenian Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Health adopted their own “Code of Participatory Cooperation” to promote and strengthen information sharing, consultation and involvement of CSOs and the general public in the process of development of policies and other acts of these bodies. The process was facilitated and supported by PFCS Armenia, with the support of ECNL and BCNL.

Strategy for Civil Society Development Adopted in Moldova 11/12/2008

On December 11, 2008, the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova passed a resolution approving the Strategy for Civil Society Development in 2008-2011. This document is a novel initiative in the field of government-civil society relationships in the Republic of Moldova. It outlines principles and values of cooperation between public authorities and civil society and identifies priorities for government’s support to the non-profit sector.

Brochure on Citizen Participation Published in Azerbaijani 24/11/2008

In November 2008 ECNL published a brochure in Azerbaijani on "Citizen Participation in Legislative Processes". The brochure was originally prepared and published in Croatian under the auspices the Government of Croatia Office for Collaboration with CSOs with the financial support provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). This material was translated into Azerbaijani with the financial assistance of the European Union under the project “Strengthening the Legal Framework for Citizen Action through Freedom of Association,” implemented by the European Center for Not-for-Profit Law.

Conference on Citizen Participation Held in Azerbaijan 24/11/2008

On November 24, ECNL in cooperation with its local implementing partner National NGO Forum of Azerbaijan (NNF), ICNL and Counterpart International held a conference on participation under the title: "Citizen Participation in Public Policies: Why does it matter?"

ECNL Presents on Improving Legal Framework for Civil Society in Moldova 17/11/2008

ECNL's Program Director, David Moore, presented on Improving Legal Framework for Civil Society at a roundtable discussion for NGOs held in Chisinau, Moldova on November 11. The roundtable provided a forum for some initial discussions of NGO related matters to be further developed at the NGO Forum. The Forum is tentatively scheduled for early December 2008.

Seminar for Local Authorities Held in Ivancea, Moldova 14/11/2008

On November 6-8, Eco-TIRAS, ECNL's local partner in Moldova, held a two-days seminar for local authorities on the issues of participation and cooperation with the not-for-profit sector.

Promotion of the Armenian Code of Participatory Cooperation and Web Site 02/10/2008

ECNL, the Armenian Ministry of Labor and Social Issues and Professionals for Civil Society NGO (PFCS) Armenia hosted a presentation of the “Code of Participatory Cooperation between RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and Public Organizations” and the Participation and Consultation web site on October 2, in Yerevan, Armenia.

Training on Policy Writing Held in Armenia 01/10/2008

Within the EIDHR project ECNL arranged a two days' training on policy writing. The training entitled Producing Effective Policy Papers was delivered by certified OSI Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative trainers in Yerevan, Armenia, on September 29-30, 2008.

Armenian Office of the Prosecutor Launches Process for Development of Code of Participation 30/09/2008

The Armenian Prosecutor’s Office has launched a process in order to draft a Code of Participatory Cooperation. The aim of the Code is to promote and strengthen information sharing, consultation and involvement of CSOs and the general public in the process of development of policies and other acts of the Office.

Participation and Consultation Web Site in Armenia Launched 16/09/2008

ECNL supported its Armenian partner PFCS NGO to develop and launch a Participation and Consultation web site in order to contribute towards establishment of a consistent dialogue and create opportunities for cooperation between the government and NGO sector in of Armenia and involvement of the public in policy and law making processes.

Armenian Ministry of Labor Adopts Code for Participatory Cooperation 24/07/2008

The Armenian Ministry of Labor and Social Issues adopted the “Code of Participatory Cooperation between RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and Public Organizations”. The Code was developed by a cross-sector working group, led by PFCS Armenia, and with the support of ECNL and BCNL.

Creating New Opportunities: Regional Conference on Government and Civil Society Relations, Georgia 05/07/2008

ECNL in collaboration with Civil Society Institute, Georgia, organized a two-day event on the topic: "Creating New Opportunities: Regional Conference on Government-Civil Society Relations". The conference aimed to strengthen Government and Civil Society relations through increased capacity of local stakeholders and to help improve the legal and policy framework that affects these relationships.

Roundtable on Legal Aspects of Philanthropy Organized in Balti, Moldova 04/06/2008

On June 4, 2008 Eco-TIRAS, ECNL’s partner in Moldova, held a roundtable on Legal Aspects of Philanthropy in the town of Balti. The event provided a forum for recipients of private contributions, as well as givers. It also put into spotlight the current barriers in fiscal and taxation policies that prevent or do not encourage businesses to participate in philanthropy.

Meeting on Public Participation with Local Public Authorities in Olanesti, Moldova 03/06/2008

To promote public participation on the local level ECNL through its partner in Moldova, Eco-TIRAS, organized a meeting with local public authorities and representatives of the village community in Olanesti on June 3, 2008.

Draft Law on State Grants Prepared in Georgia 31/05/2008

On May 31 ECNL program team for EIDHR project held a meeting with the Civil Society Institute’s working group that developed a draft law on state grants in Georgia. The draft law defines the potential sources of funding for CSOs, beneficiaries, qualifying requirements, issues in relation to conflict of interest. The draft also suggests terms for establishing Competition Council and Competition Council Bureau for the Council’s technical support.

Conference on Public Funding for CSOs Held in Baku, Azerbaijan 30/05/2008

On May 30, 2008 ECNL in cooperation with its local partner in Azerbaijan, the National NGO Forum (NNF), held a Conference on Public Funding for Civil Society organizations (CSOs) with participation of local and international experts. The event provided a comparative analysis of international experience in distributing state grants to CSOs and convened some thirty participants: representatives of the newly established NGO Council, members of Parliament and civil society representatives.

ECNL Team Meets with the NGO Council members in Azerbaijan 29/05/2008

During their visit to Azerbaijan at the end of May 2008, ECNL legal advisors met with members of the recently established NGO Council under the President’s Administration in Azerbaijan.

Armenian Government Adopts Amendments to Support Cooperation with CSOs 15/05/2008

The Government of Armenia adopted the amendment to the Charter of Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs that officially defines and adopts the cooperation between Ministry and Armenian CSOs.

Armenian Ministry of Labor Drafts Code on Consultation and Participation 15/04/2008

The Armenian Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs launched a process to draft a Code Code of Cooperation and Participation between the Ministry and local CSOs. On April 15, ECNL facilitated a meeting of the Ministry working group to support the development of the Code.

ECNL Comments on Amendments to Law on Associations Enacted in Moldova 03/03/2008

On July 20, 2007, the Parliament of Moldova enacted amendments to the Law on Public Associations. Together with "Eco-TIRAS", its local partner under the EIDHR project in Moldova, ECNL closely followed the developments on the ground and prepared its comments on the recently adopted amendments.

Seminar on Establishing New State Body for Cooperation with NGOs Held in Baku 22/11/2007

On November 22, 2007, ECNL’s local partner "National NGO Forum of Azerbaijan", hosted a roundtable for local NGOs to discuss their suggestions for establishing a new office on NGO-government cooperation.

Round Table on the NGO Legal Environment in Moldova 16/11/2007

On November 12, 2007, ECNL’s local partner "Eco-Tiras", hosted a roundtable inside the Parliament on the NGO legal environment in Moldova.

Study Tour for Azerbaijan Governmental Delegation in Budapest, September 23-29, 2007 04/10/2007

Together with Counterpart International and International Center for Not-for-Profit Law ECNL held a study visit for an official delegation from Azerbaijan on September 23-29, 2007.

Seminar on White Paper Draft Held in Azerbaijan, September 8, 2007 14/09/2007

On September 8, 2007, ECNL participated in a seminar to discuss the White Paper on NGO Sector in Azerbaijan held by National NGO Forum of Azerbaijan.

Civil Society Law Summer Seminar in Budapest 15/07/2007

Between 12-14 July 2007 ECNL organized a Civil Society Law Summer Seminar in Budapest, Hungary.The Seminar provided an opportunity to 15 partners of the ECNL/ICNL network from the CEE and NIS region to expand their knowledge and expertise in the area of civil society law. Participants arrived from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Armenia, Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia.

Seminar on Law on Associations in Moldova's Parliament 09/07/2007

On June 18, 2007, in cooperation with local partner "Eco-Tiras", ECNL co-sponsored a seminar inside Moldova's Parliament on proposed amendments to 1996 Law on Associations.

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Study visit in ECNL office
Last week ECNL hosted two lawyers from Legal Resources Center from Moldova for a study visit. During their stay the guests met with leading Hungarian CSOs, public officials and were provided with workshops by ECNL experts as well. The program gave an opportunity for the fellows to examine the legal framework of the Hungarian nonprofit sector with an outlook to the European practices.