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  Brochure on Citizen Participation Published in Azerbaijani

In November 2008 ECNL published a brochure in Azerbaijani on "Citizen Participation in Legislative Processes". The brochure was originally prepared and published in Croatian under the auspices the Government of Croatia Office for Collaboration with CSOs with the financial support provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). This material was translated into Azerbaijani with the financial assistance of the European Union under the project “Strengthening the Legal Framework for Citizen Action through Freedom of Association,” implemented by the European Center for Not-for-Profit Law.

The brochure provides an overview of European best practices in the field of public participation in policy-making. It discusses models of citizen participation in the European countries, as well as the framework thereof at the European Union (EU) level. The brochure seeks to provide general information on the topic to key stakeholders (government officials, policy makers, CSOs, and academics) involved in shaping and implementation of instruments governing citizen participation. It does not provide a detailed account of frameworks and practices in various countries, but rather outlines major features and challenges.

The brochure was published on the eve of the Conference titled "Citizen Participation in Public Policies: Why Does It Matter?" The Conference took place in Baku, Azerbaijan, on November 24, 2008. Copies of the brochure were distributed among the Conference participants and will also be shared with local stakeholders, such as CSOs, local authorities, governmental offices and donor organizations.

For the text of the brochure in English and Azerbaijani, please, see the below documents.

ECNL's work in Azerbaijan is supported under the project “Strengthening the Legal Framewok for Citizen Action”, financed by the European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR).

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    Input requested for OHCHR study on the right to participate
    The right to directly and indirectly participate in political and public life is important in empowering individuals and groups, and is one of the core elements of human rights-based approaches aimed at eliminating marginalization and discrimination. Stakeholders are now invited to contribute to the study on best practices, experiences and challenges regarding the right to participate to be prepared by the High Commissioner for Human Rights.